Education Funding Planner Worksheet
1. Students you plan to support
  Student #1 Student #2 Student #3 Student #4
First Name
Age years years years years
College Start Age
Years of College
Your Relationship
to Students
2. Cost of Education
  Student #1 Student #2 Student #3 Student #4
Annual Cost $
College Name
Tuition and Fees
Room and Board
Inflation Rate
3. Savings and Contributions
  Student #1 Student #2 Student #3 Student #4
Today's College
Savings Balance $
Ongoing Monthly
College Savings $
/mo. /mo. /mo. /mo.
Rate of Return
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Section 1: Student Inputs
Complete information for a single student at a time in this section. Enter all information for student 1, then proceed to the next student, etc.

Note: The selection Your Relationship to Students is for all students. Select Other if the students have a mixed relationship to your client.
Section 2: College Expense Inputs
Ask for an estimated annual college expense, or use the Lookup Costs button to make a selection from a list of national averages, search by state or specific school name.

Each college cost is inclusive of room and board as well as tuition and mandatory fees. College cost averages include books and supplies, transportation and allowances for other expenses in addition to tuition and mandatory fees and room and board.

Inflation Rate is the expected annual increase in college tuition costs for each child.
Section 3: College Savings Inputs
Enter the current balance of each student's college savings. Then enter the ongoing monthly savings contribution, if any.

The rate of return (ROR) is the assumed annual rate at which the savings will grow.

This calculator is for hypothetical use only and depends on the information you provide. The calculations rely on a number of simplifying assumptions, and the results may vary from your actual situation. This calculator is provided by Archimedes Systems, Inc., a leading provider of personalized analysis and decision support tools to the financial services industry. All information is believed to be accurate.
Please consider the savings objectives, risks, charges, and expenses carefully before selecting your solution. Contact your financial advisor for assistance. You should also consider, before savings, any tax or other benefits that may be available with certain financial vehicles.